Dance Art Works Gallery (formerly iDance Contemporary – Gallery): Where Dance is Celebrated as Fine Art

In the world of art, dance has always held a unique place. Its ephemeral nature, the exquisite movements, and the emotion it conveys are all a testament to the incredible power of human expression. Yet, until now, the art of dance has never had its own dedicated online gallery. Welcome to Dance Art Works Gallery!


  • Love for Dance

    The story of "I Dance Contemporary – Gallery" begins with a profound appreciation for the art of dance. It's a story of passion, creativity, and a deep-seated belief in the power of dance to transcend the boundaries of expression.

  • Team

    Founded by a group of art connoisseurs and dedicated individuals who shared a common love for dance and art, our journey began with a simple question: "Why isn't there a dedicated art gallery for art lovers and collectors to explore, appreciate, and own dance-inspired artworks?" 

  • 1st Dance Art Gallery

    Driven by this question and an unwavering commitment to fill this void, "I Dance Contemporary – Gallery" was born. Our founders set out on a mission to create the first online art gallery exclusively focused on dance artworks. The gallery aims to bridge the gap between dance and visual art.


  • Dance is visual poetry

    At "I Dance Contemporary – Gallery," we believe that dance is not just a performance; it is a form of visual poetry that deserves a dedicated art gallery.

  • Dance as Fine Art

    Our vision is to provide a space where dance is celebrated as fine art.

  • Carefully curated dance works

    We aim to showcase the grace, the strength, and the emotions of dance through the lens of talented photographers and artists from around the world.


What sets us apart from traditional art galleries and online art platforms is our unwavering focus. "I Dance Contemporary – Gallery" is not just another art marketplace; it's a celebration of dance in all its forms.

We bring you the finest dance-art photography from around the world, carefully curated to evoke emotions, tell stories, and inspire. Each artwork in our gallery is 100% original, capturing the essence of dance in a way that only a true artist can.


When you step into "I Dance Contemporary – Gallery," you're not just browsing art; you're entering a world of movement and emotion. Our online exposition is unlike any other, designed to immerse you in the beauty of dance.

As you explore our virtual gallery, you'll find captivating images that freeze dance moments in time, allowing you to savor the artistry and passion of each performance. From contemporary dance to classical ballet, we showcase the diversity of dance styles, all united by the common thread of artistic excellence.


We understand the desire to own a piece of the art that speaks to your soul. That's why each artwork you find at "I Dance Contemporary – Gallery" comes with a gallery certificate, certifying its authenticity, and in limited edition, dance artworks that comes with the artists signature.

Whether you're a dancer, an art collector, or simply someone who appreciates the beauty of movement, "I Dance Contemporary – Gallery" welcomes you to our world of dance-inspired art. Join us in celebrating the intersection of dance and art, and make a piece of this world your own.

Experience the magic of dance, frozen in time, at "I Dance Contemporary – Gallery." Discover, appreciate, and own the art of dance like never before.

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